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Department Of Urban Renewal

The Department was created on the 15th day of December, 2021 and the Department will run with the underlisted as a policy framework of the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development. The Department Mandate is Identification and Maintenance of areas for Urban Renewal programmes.

The functions of the Department:

  1. The implementation of all State Government policies programmes on Urban Renewal throughout the state.
  2. The continuous identification and study of areas due for urban renewal programmes throughout the state.
  3. Monitoring and identifying areas qualified for upgrading and advising the state Government on redevelopment or renewal programmes accordingly.
  4. Directing and monitoring of all resettlement schemes wherever necessary i.e. where redevelopment programmes are involved.
  5. The monitoring, co-ordination and implementation of parts of renewal schemes involving other government MDAs and Local Government in terms of facilities such as drains, health centres, markets, shops, recreational facilities within the schemes.
  6. Holding, administering and maintaining government acquired properties within renewal project areas.
  7. Any other assignment that may be given to the unit by the State.