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Department Of Shared Services

The Department of Shared Services (Department of Administration and Supplies) is one of the mandatory departments approved for all Ministries by Government. The Ministry has 85 staff while 17 Officers are directly working with the Department of Administration and Supplies. The responsibilities/activities of the department are detailed below:

This department is in charge of the following administrative and general service duties:-

i) Recruitment.
ii) Promotion.
iii) Secretariat for meetings and the Ministerial Tenders Board.
iv) Training and staff Development.
v) Rendering appropriate returns on behalf of the Ministry.
vi) Supplies.
vii) Maintenance of office equipment/vehicles.
viii) Purchase of office equipment and fittings.
ix) Preparation of proposed Establishment and Estimates.
x) Management of the Registries.
xi) Personnel matter and Staff Welfare.
xii) Leave matters.
xiii) Accommodation.
xiv) Security.
xv) Sanitation of the office / environment.
xvi) Any other duties that any be assigned.

Accounts Department

This department is in charge of the following service duties:-

  • Preparation of payment vouchers (i.e. salary, overhead & capital vouchers)
  • Preparation of monthly salary update
  • Liaising with the Ministries of Finance & Budget on budgetary matters
  • Preparation of Annual Budget in collaboration with other Technical and Administrative Departments
  • Rendering of Annual Appropriation Accounts
  • Rendering Monthly Revenue Reports
  • Liaising with the office of the Accountant-General and Auditor-General on financial and accounting matters
  • Control & Maintenance of Accounting Records & Books of Accounts!

Records Office

This records office is in charge of the following duties:-

  1. Movement of files that has to do with building plans.
  2. Stamping of registration, paid and final approval stamps om building plans.
  3. Record keeping of building plans.

Front Desk Office

This front desk office is in charge of the following services duties:-

  1. Check if applicant’s documents are complete.
  2. Provide adequate information to applicants.
  3. Calls are made across to applicants requesting them to make necessary corrections regarding their building plan when need be.