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Organizational Design Principles

  1. Optimize organization layers to enhance information flow & empowerment while supporting staff growth.
  2. Single point accountability to avoid work fragmentation.
  3. Optimum span of control to improve line of sight and supervision.
  4. Policy & strategy formulation and direction setting.
  5. Lean and agile to respond to changes faster.
  6. Clarity of roles and accountability to enhance delivery and performance management.
  7. Ratio of support vs discipline staff to ensure effective staff allocation and professional development.

Ministry Functions

The Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development is set to discharge the following functions:

    1. Design and implement a system to ensure that planning approvals are flexible to accommodate modular expansion and reconfiguration;
    2. Enforce existing legislation on access to public buildings by the physically challenged;
    3. Develop master plans for urban centres in the State;
    4. Upscale and enhance technology capacity of the Ministry in collaboration with the ICT Agency;
    5. Establish a one-stop approving system (OSAS) process;
    6. Source of specialized professional technical manpower to other MDAs involved in various forms of building projects;
    7. Set up industrial parks, markets as a driving force for New Town Development in collaboration with the relevant Ministries;
    8. Establish and enforce Development Control code;
    9. Formulate Town Planning standards, review and adopt;
    10. Promote a robust advocacy programme on Town Planning Regulations and Standards.
    11. Designing, costing of projects, and procurement and supervision of contractors and consultants involved in construction of Public Building/projects including constituency project in the State;
    12. Maintenance of Public Buildings.