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We're committed to building smart and habitable cities... The Edo State Ministry of Physical Planning, Housing, Urban and Regional Development is the state government ministry, charged with the responsibility to plan, devise and implement the state policies on Physical Planning, Urban and Regional Development.

Our Vision

To create, develop and deliver a sustainable built environment in the State.

Our Mission

Be the catalyst for well thought-out civilized urban living through proper planning and development control.

Be that catalyst for civilized urban living while enhancing the quality of rural space through proper planning that helps the environment to continue to remain harmonious.

Enhance quality of urban living through development of commodious layouts, green areas, parks and open spaces.

Core Values





Our Team

See organizational structure below

Our Mandate

1. Domesticate Urban and Regional Planning Act;
2. Plan to ensure that urban areas comply with regulatory guidelines for proper segmentation and utilization;
3. Develop a new Township Development framework (policy, regulation, implementation and funding) that speaks to the challenges of rapid urbanization and its implication on housing, drainage, roads and schools;
4. Develop settlement, housing policy and layout plan;
5. Develop residential, industrial, commercial real estates and parks;
6. Ensure orderly Physical Planning and Developments of our environment to ensure developments are planned and developers obtain appropriate Building Plan approvals;
7. Monitor the State Government land Acquisitions against encroachments and activities of trespassers.

Our Eco System

Edo State Development and Building Control Agency

Development control as a potent tool for city management ensures that the
continual growth and management of a city can be such that make for
orderliness, improved city image, healthy and aesthetics. It also ensures that the environmental challenges as a result of city growth can be reduced to tolerable levels. In Benin metropolis, development control requires special skill as a result of the daily problems the authorities are confronted with, which is attributed to the sheer size and rate of increase of these settlements and the complexities of the tasks involved. The problem ranges from uncontrolled change of use of property, non compliance with space standards and approved design, unguided and ineffective enforcement of building regulations.

Edo State geographic Information Services

The Edo State Geographic Information Service (EDOGIS) was set up on the 1st of August, 2017 by Governor Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki as the successor government agency to the erstwhile Ministry of Lands and Surveys (later known as Lands Bureau).

EDOGIS is the only Edo State Government Agency charged with the responsibility for Lands administration, management, registrations, geo-mapping and surveys, in Edo State in accordance with the Edo State Lands Administration and Geographic Information Service Law, 2018 and as stipulated in the Land Use Act 1990 (Section 4B). The Edo State Lands Administration and Geographic Information Service Law was signed into legislation by His Excellency, Gov. Obaseki in April, 2018.

EDOGIS deploys a fully automated root to leaf system to collect, collate, verify and digitise all geospatial data.

Edo State private Property protection Committee
Edo State Public Building and Maintenance Agency

• Developed the Infrastructure Asset Management Master Plan for the Edo State Government and established the Agency providing a world-class Enterprise technology backbone to sustain the winning formula, knowledge transfer, training and other Advisory Services.
• Oversee the management and maintenance of public infrastructure in and outside the State
• Identify, categorize and develop a database for existing public infrastructure within and outside Edo State.
• Plan the work scopes and assign the appropriate personnel to maintenance activities, implementing steps that are essential to lowering the risk (health & safety) and improving the reliability of assets.
• Schedule and dispatch maintenance teams to critical locations in the asset portfolio.
• Execute the scoping, network design, analysis and costing, procurement and installation of street lighting and CCTV network across thirteen (13) locations in Benin City – (a total coverage area of 40km in the first phase).
• Establish technical specifications of all project components and develop a maintenance scope and budget for the various networks.
• Supervise the connection of the network (street lights and CCTV cameras) to the newly constructed Ossiomo Captive independent power plant (IPP)