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Department Of Development Control

Development Control is one of the measures applied by Physical Planning Agencies particularly, Local Planning Authorities, to ensure that developers do not deviate from building plans approved for them in the course of implementation (construction) on the plot earmarked for such. This is aimed at enhancing environmental quality, improved housing condition, privacy of residents and free flow of air among others. Despite the importance of development control measures in physical environmental balancing, series of factors still hinder its effectiveness.

The functions of the Department:

  1. Evaluation of Physical Planning Technical Reports (Site Analysis/Environmental Impact Assessment Reports.)
  2. Work with the Department of Development Planning Permits to achieve zero level of unauthorized development.
  3. Issuance of change of use to user after it has been handled by Department of Planning, policy, Research and statistics for approval.
  4. Operational control and supervision of Area Planning Offices.
  5. Enforcement of building development control to ensure adherence to the State’s extant Master plans; Town Planning Laws and Regulations;
  6. Controls the siting and the determination of the Right of Way of facilities like Telecommunication Masts, Electricity Lines, Railway Lines and Roads in accordance with the State’s Extant Town Planning Laws and Regulations.
  7. Ensures orderly Physical Planning and Development of our environment will be pursued so that the developments are planned and developer obtain appropriate Building Plan approvals.
  8. Monitors and protects the State Government land Acquisitions against encroachments and activities of trespassers.